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Fish Anna Maria Island With A Local

Fishing Anna Maria- Oct.and Nov. 2018

Gag Grouper

—Even though backwater fishing has been outstanding lately, a persistent red tide outbreak, and associated fish kills, continues to dominate the headlines here on Anna Maria Island, Bradenton and Sarasota. This natural algae bloom consumes the available oxygen in the water as it completes its life cycle, in turn quickly suffocating nearby fish. This has made fishing a little more challenging than usual over the past couple of months but that being said, my clients and I have been experiencing some fantastic fishing despite the bad news.

—There are certain areas surrounding Sarasota, especially, that have been hit very hard and may take a few months to recover to a somewhat normal pattern. Then, there are other areas surrounding neighboring Anna Maria Island that have seen very few effects from the red tide.

—It is in these cleaner areas that I, and many of the other full-time fishing guides, have been “hiding out” the majority of the past 3 months. Inshore fishing here around Anna Maria Island and Tampa Bay has been outstanding.

—The snook bite just doesn’t get much better than it was during October and November. My boat is seeing great catch-and -release snook fishing along with redfish around docks, mangroves and oyster beds.

—Seatrout (speckled trout) got hit pretty hard the past few months by the red tide. However, November has seen the trout really start to bounce back and shallow water gag grouper have been on the menu over the past couple months as well, as conditions have allowed. When the tide, weather, and other factors come together just right, we have been able to find some nice keeper-sized gag grouper inside Tampa Bay. I use a combination of live baiting and trolling.

—Don’t believe everything you read, or see on the news. The fishing is great here around Anna Maria Island and Tampa Bay! Book a charter today!!




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Tampa Bay Grouper Fishing In November

Anna Maria Island Fishing Guide
Captain Aaron Lowman – November, 2017
Grouper, Gag Grouper, Troll For Grouper

—As the first few real cold snaps start to push through Tampa Bay during November and December, one of my favorite fish, gag grouper, begin to move into shallow waters. Gag grouper season is now, inside Tampa Bay and in the channels surrounding Anna Maria Island.  These delicious, and heavy-hitting brawlers stay relatively deep most of the year. As the water temps start to drop below 70°, the large, legal-sized gags move into Tampa Bay, as shallow as 6′.

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Anna Maria Island Late Fall Fishing

Anna Maria Island Fishing Guide
Captain Aaron Lowman – November 30, 2016
Snook, Cobia, Grouper

—Snook fishing is on fire, in spite of the cold front this weekend.  I’m finding schools of the smaller male snook bunching up tight together, with a few large females mixed in. These fish are in panic mode, as they feel the approaching winter and must feed constantly.  Live shiners, or jumbo live shrimp are the baits of choice.

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Anna Maria November Fall Fishing

Anna Maria Island Fishing Guide
Captain Aaron Lowman – November 15, 2016
Grouper, Snook, Redfish, Mackerel

—Fishing near shore structure in Tampa Bay and around Anna Maria Island has been big this month, especially for snapper, spanish mackerel, kingfish, gag grouper, sharks and cobia.
—There is still plenty of bait around the beach with predators in tow. For bait, live shiners and threadfins have been the ticket on the reef. Heavy live chumming really turns the bite on, and keeps it lit.

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Anna Maria Island Fishing Report – Gag Grouper – November 13, 2015

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report
Captain Aaron Lowman – November 13, 2015
Tampa Bay Gag Grouper

—The warm weather has continued to hold, and the gag grouper have continued to bite well. Bait has stayed plentiful with the unusually late warmth, and pinfish and pilchards have been the bait of choice.

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Snook, Grouper, Barracuda – November 10, 2015 Fishing Report – Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report
Captain Aaron Lowman – November 10, 2015
Gag Grouper, Snook, Barracuda

—Tampa Bay fishing has been red hot while we wait for the weather to cool down. Snook have been in the backwaters readily eating pilchards and pinfish, while the offshore and Tampa Bay wrecks have been producing grouper, snapper, and barracuda.

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Anna Maria Island Fishing Report – November 2, 2015 – Captain Aaron Lowman

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report
Captain Aaron Lowman – November 2, 2015
Gag Grouper

—In Tampa Bay and surrounding Anna Maria Island waters, the inshore gag grouper fishing report is that they usually turn on in a noticeable way after the first cold snap of the year. But this year, even though the weather has remained warm, the late October grouper fishing has been on fire.

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Anna Maria Island Fishing Report – Captain Aaron Lowman -11-25-14

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report
Grouper Trolling
Captain Aaron Lowman – Fishing Report – November 25, 2014
Captain Aaron – (941)-465-8932

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