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Fish Anna Maria Island With A Local Charter Fishing Guide

Anna Maria Island Fishing – August 30, 2016

Anna Maria Island Fishing – August 30, 2016

Anna Maria Charter Fishing Guide
Captain Aaron Lowman – August 30, 2016
Redfish, Flounder, Snook

Lots of trout on shallow flats around Anna Maria.
Looking for combo of moving, clear water, and bait presence.
Great numbers, 1 out of 10 is a big fish.
Also finding schools of jacks, mangrove snapper, and bluefish mixed in.

Redfish starting to bunch up in small schools of bigger fish on flats in Sarasota Bay, and Tampa Bay.
Ive been running and gunning on “live” flats, signs of mullet, bait, and/or moving water.
Tide seems very important, strong moving has been best.
Live shiners and pinfish, and cut ladyfish or mullet are top baits.

Snook fishing starting to heat up in typical fall pattern.
I’ve been intercepting good numbers of fish as they return to the bay from offshore, on their way upriver for the winter.
Live shiner on 3/0 circle hook, 30# flourocarbon leader is a perfect setup for linesiders.
I bring lots of live bait for chumming when hunting snook.
The chum serves two purposes;
It really “wakes up” sluggish fish, and it will reveal the fish’s position as they explode each free chummer.
Look for some of the best snook action of the year over the next month.

Flounder have been a welcome bonus in many places this week.
Docks, potholes on the flats, and channel edges have been producing flatties over 20″.