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Fish Anna Maria Island With A Local Charter Fishing Guide

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report-March 2018

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report-March 2018

Anna Maria Island Fishing Guide
Captain Aaron Lowman – March, 2018
Snook Fishing Report

—Here in the Tampa Bay waters surrounding Anna Maria Island, Bradenton and Longboat Key,  March 1st signals the opening of snook season. Recreational anglers are permitted to keep one snook per day that measures between 28 inches and 32 inches in total length during March and April. We have been lucky enough to have some early warm weather coincide with the opening this year, so it’s been a great week targeting snook in both Tampa Bay and Sarasota Bay! Water temps have been in the low 70°s this week, which is just what your want for springtime snook fishing.

—I am continuing to find decent amounts of whitebait around Tampa Bay. Catching plenty of these bait fish is my snook fishing key to success. Having plenty of bait, affords us the opportunity to live chum “snooky” areas where fish may be laid up, not actively feeding. The sudden presence of a few dozen shiners, usually drives those snook into a frenzy.

—This time of year, I look for snook along mangrove shorelines, oyster bars, residential docks and in sandy potholes along sandbars. Tides are extremely important in snook fishing. Every spot has a tide phase that is most advantageous, and that may change throughout the year. Generally speaking, the harder the tide is moving (in, or out), the better the snook will feed.


Snook Double

Snook fishing

Big Snook


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